Marriage Growth

The key to avoiding defensive conversations

Are you or your spouse getting defensive in conversations, struggling to feel understood, or just longing for more out of your conversations?

real talk:

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Generous Conversations

What you will gain

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after watching this mini course

You can feel like you are on the same team, working together as partners in life and marriage

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Clear Conversations


You can know what each of you wants and needs. NO MORE trying to read each others minds. 

Your conversations can be filled with respect, understanding & support for each other

"I honestly had no idea I was living in a victim mindset for so long. It's so eye opening to realize this. I am so thankful I was able to see/understand this. This will really help me own my feelings instead of hiding from them which is what I’m best at. This training has helped me keep talking things out instead of just going with whatever is the easiest option."

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-Tracy Glasco

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Andie Ingagliato

"Even though we JUST watched the video, we are already listening to each other in new ways.
We both immediately began applying what we learned and were able to have a new conversation we hadn’t been able to have before." 

"This is PURE GOLD!"

Erica Manthey

"This made me realize I’ve really gone into rescuer mode over the past year after my husband's TBI accident and I had no idea I was doing that. The PDFS are so great - I now have a lot better phrasing for when situations come up the next time."

Michael Alsop