Let's grow the marriage you're longing for.

Thriving lifetime marriages don't happen by accident! They happen because two people are willing to learn how to communicate well, see & understand each other, and keep growing year after year. Whether you are in a good season or a challenging one, growing your communication is always the most important step you can take to have the marriage you long for.

experience growth through 1:1 coaching

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Wondering if 1:1 Coaching is Right for You?

  • Do you need outside help to walk you through where you are currently stuck in a repeating, frustrating, or difficult conversation? 

  • Have you experienced betrayal in your marriage and realize you need deeper healing?

  • Or do you just want a neutral 3rd party walking with you to help you see what you can’t about where you are getting stuck in conversations. 

These are all powerful reasons and the exact reason we offer 1 on 1 coaching calls. 
Coaching has literally changed my life and been the guide I have always needed to get the results I have wanted in my relationship with myself and the people I love.

Unpacking your current reality and understand what's at the root of ongoing conflicts for you.

Taking ownerships of what you're contributing and learn how to stay in your own backyard. 

Derailing patterns of shame and negativity that are holding you back from experiencing connection.

Work through conflicts in a way that creates connection, not further hurt and division.

Learn how to make united decisions you both feel aligned with and ready to work together to bring about.

Navigate arguments and difficult conversations without letting them take over your life.

Your coaching calls are focused on you and what's needed to produce the results you want. Things you might work on are:

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INSIDE the Coaching Program:

The way you are showing up in your marriage — and other relationships —  isn’t by accident...  They are automatic reactions based on what you believe. 

What we believe to be true produces the thoughts we think, which produces what we feel, which produces our automatic reactions.

If you want to react differently in the conversations with your spouse, you need to discover what you believe about yourself, them, and your relationship with each other... the things that truly driving those reactions. 

Julia will help you get to the root of these automatic reactions.

The root of everything we do is what we believe about ourselves, others, and life. 



Therapy focuses on the past and how it is impacting you in the present.

Transformational Coaching is very different... it focuses on the future you want and whether the choices you are making now are leading you towards or away from that desired future. 

Before the coaching calls, we… mainly me…would likely just not talk about certain emotions I have / go months ignoring them. Now, we feel they are important, and having a third party involved has been so helpful! 

Prior to coaching, I could rarely see the big picture of an argument and how my insecurities and judgements played a roll. After coaching, I can now more easily see what I contribute to breakdowns.

We are able to get through conflict in the same night and feel at peace with our discussions, whereas before we would be arguing about something for days on and off. We are able to enjoy each other's friendship much more now then before we started coaching.

We've had so much more open dialogue which has led to more dreaming together and has led to being able to have conversations that would have made us defensive in the past, but now they’re productive and really growing.

Before coaching I would focus on the other person's part in relationship tension or conflict...  Now I’m learning to get curious about why I show up or respond and how I impact those conversations 

Before coaching, I would have been a lot slower to try to get things back on track, while now I consider it my sole responsibility and work to change things in instead of waiting for them to change.

With the Help of Coaching, Couples Like You are Experiencing Growth like This...


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Julia's works with clients for 3-6 months

Julia will walk beside you without judgment or shame... offering you insight, feedback, and observation so that you can discover what's limiting you from the results you say you want.

Instead of offering advice or telling you what to do (because only you can decide that!), she will encourage, support, and invite you to the future you say you want. 

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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your marriage is an important one! Your marriage is either dying or growing, and it is up to you to find exactly what you need to nurture it.

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