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Ready to feel seen & heard, even in conflict?

Experiencing the relationship you long for doesn't magically happen! It takes communicating clearly, learning to be honest, & truly listening to each other. 

Coaching for Couples Who Want to Enjoy Each Other

Ready to go from Feeling lonely to Feeling Seen & Heard?

You each deserve to feel seen and heard! And I know that is what you really want to offer each other. It isn't your fault you don't know how. You just have never been taught how to communicate, up until now. 

Your time together is precious. Why waste it feeling disconnected and alone? 

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What Is Your Current Approach to Communicating?


As a couple, you will face challenges and not always be in agreement.  At times, that can turn into conflict. During those conflicts, you will either fight for yourself or for the marriage you long for. Want to learn what your current conflict style is? 

Whether you want to deepen your relationship, learn to communicate better, feel tired of fighting all the time, walk on eggshells, or feel misunderstood or exhausted from having the same conversation over and over with no resolve, you are in the right place.

The Source for Couples Who Want to Truly See & Hear Each Other

Ready to stop wishing for more in your marriage and start enjoying it?

As a relationship coach, Julia can coach you on group or private calls from the comfort of your own home. She will help you discover what you can't see is blocking you from seeing & understanding each other.

Coaching Services

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A podcast for couples who want to see & understand each other in their communication so they can spend more time laughing & having fun together, feeling like they are on the same team, and working towards a shared vision for life. 

The Communication Renovation Podcast

Grab your favorite drink and Enjoy...

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This is the proven 3-part Communication Renovation System that will help both of you move from feeling disconnected and alone to feeling seen & understood no matter how difficult the topic.

Online Course

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“We were on the fast track to emotional divorce and working with Julia saved our marriage."



I'm Julia, your new relationship bestie.

I am passionate about helping couples communicate well because when spouses know how to communicate, they can literally overcome any challenge in life together.

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By Truly Seeing & Hearing Each Other No Matter How Difficult the Conversation? 


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