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Ready to feel seen & heard, even in conflict?

Experiencing the relationship you long for doesn't magically happen! It takes communicating clearly, learning to be honest, & truly listening to each other. 

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Each of these proven strategies will help both of you move from feeling defensive & lonely in communication to feeling seen & understood no matter how difficult the topic. You can pick the option that best fits your current needs

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Learn the 3 Biggest Communication Mistakes couples make and how to avoid them.

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I'm Julia, your new relationship bestie.

I am passionate about helping couples communicate well because when spouses know how to communicate, they can literally overcome any challenge in life together.

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Growing your marriage happens as you grow your ability to communicate. Whether you want to deepen your relationship, grow your ability to communicate, tired of walking on eggshells, or feeling misunderstood or exhausted from having the same conversation over and over with no resolve, you are in the right place.

The Source for Couples Who Want to Keep Growing Together

Ready to stop wishing for more in your marriage and start Choosing it?

Marriage Thrive & private coaching calls with a hand-selected transformational coach will help you discover how to take responsibility for yourself, communicate in new ways & grow the marriage you long for. 

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“We were on the fast track to emotional divorce and working with Julia saved our marriage."