Master proven techniques to resolve recurring conflict and rediscover connection & unity with your partner in the next 12 months.

Feel seen, secure, and hopeful in your relationship by transforming patterns of resentment and distrust into authentic connection and communication.



Uncover the real reasons why you and your partner are distant and disconnected
Learn to resolve recurring conflict and navigate difficult conversations, so you both feel connected & happy in your relationship
Have a safe, confidential space to share your struggles openly and get personalized coaching from me

Are you tired of having the same frustrating conversations that lead to defensiveness, shutting down, or outbursts of anger?

Inside Marriage Growth Community, you’ll…

That's why divorce rates are so high and you still feel stuck (even after reading #allthebooks)

I have a success rate of 96% because my methodology teaches you how to:

Most marriage advice out there is useless...

Chose what  works!

Real Talk:

open up and have REAL, productive conversations

knock loose disagreements you've been hung up on for years (or even decades)

rebuild vulnerability and trust with each other so you can each feel safe to be seen & heard



What To Expect

Arguments that go round and round without ever resolving.

Shutting down because you don’t feel heard anyway.



In the next 12 months, you’ll say “goodbye forever” to…

Fearing the next argument could be the one that ends it all.


Feeling isolated and alone in your marriage problems.


  • arguments that go round and round without ever resolving
  • shutting down because you don't feel heard anyway
  • comparing your marriage to "those" perfect relationships
  • feeling isolated and alone in your marriage problems

Say hello to:

  •  resolution, forgiveness, and healing together
  • sharing openly with your spouse because you feel safe and understood
  • connection with other couples who just "get it"
  • focusing more on your progress than your frustrations

In this all-in-one marriage growth membership you'll....

Say goodbye to:

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I've helped hundreds of couples transform their marriage with my proven it's your turn.

The only thing standing between you and the marriage you thought you'd have is...

  • New Ways of Thinking
  • Guidance
  • Weekly Play & Chat Time
  • Community

Once you plug into the community, here is what you can expect...

Lara - "I feel unstuck and am making so much progress in developing my internal resources. 

Jen - "We are better at owning what we need and resolving conflict instead of letting it escalate"

Aaron - "We no longer live in fear of the other shoe dropping and embrace breakdowns as an opportunity to know and love each other more completely"

Jennifer - "We were able to pull off a giant party this weekend without fighting about it at all!"

Laura - "I'm starting to think about the outcomes I want to achieve and how my words and responses will (or will not) serve my desired outcomes.

Buddy - "Huge breakthroughs on how we reconcile for example, how I approach forgiveness!"

Mike - "Things do not escalate and get out of hand. We can resolve things quicker."

Sarah - "Man We are so much closer!!"


Weekly Play Time Ideas, Chat Time Prompts, & Conversation Starters

Couples Connection

If you prefer listening on the go, each lesson is available in video and audio versions

Audio lessons

Being in the work with others creates a natural experience of accountability


"This is the most connected I have felt to my wife!"

These tools and our couple connections is really helping! Usually, we go on a walk and just try and get it done. On this walk, we walked our whole neighborhood for about an hour, and it felt like time stood still, and we were simply “with” each other. It felt really good and set the tone for connection all day. 

Jon & Michelle


"Our marriage feels so much stronger!!"

We are both so all-in! The consistent chat and play times are a game changer, too. We were letting life get away from us. But in the last few weeks, we have come so much farther in our chats, knowing we had them coming. 

Ben & Sarah

"We are working through fights in minutes rather than years!!"

It felt like one of our typical fights of old, with us both in separate rooms, upset, sure that this cloud would be hanging over the rest of the trip. Then, we both realized we had agency in the situation and could work it out. These tools and coaching are not giving us freedom from fighting or misunderstandings, but freedom from them controlling our lives.

Jen & Aaron 

Look No Further
Marriage Growth Community was created for you!

Marriage Growth Community is a membership program where spouses create the marriages they long for through group coaching (Communication Labs), gaining new tools, connecting with other growing spouses, and being guided by Julia. All for less than the cost of a lunch date! It is the most affordable, thorough, and all-encompassing support resource that has ever been available for marriage growth!

Communication Labs


Going Deeper

Membership perks

Community Support






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I'm Julia, your new relationship bestie.

I grew up in a violent home as the middle child of seven. I lived in an environment of anger and suffering - my idea of love was “not yelling at each other.”

When I married my husband, Jeff, I figured we would have an amazing marriage because neither of us wanted to live like “that.” We wanted a better marriage…so it would just be better, right?

Wrong. As the years passed, amidst having kids and growing a business, we found ourselves disconnected and lonely (even when we were in the same room). We loved each other, but just couldn’t seem to talk through much of anything without it ending in defensiveness and upset.

But we were committed to finding our way back to each other so that we could enjoy life together. 

We learned that by working through our emotions, communicating honestly, and navigating difficult conversations (because those don’t just “go away” when you’re connected) we could truly forgive each other.
I hope to see you inside Marriage Growth Community so you can have the same success.

The resentment dissipated, the connection grew, and we both transformed individually and together.

I started coaching others with massive success and now the methodology I created helps hundreds of couples every year to heal, reconnect, and move forward with hope.

hey there!


Working with Julia has totally changed my marriage, and my relationship with my children, and really improved my relationship with my extended family. 


OUTCOME: In this lesson, you will describe your current marriage and the marriage you long for.

WHY THIS MATTERS: You need a map to get to a new destination. The first thing you look for on the map is where you currently are, and then you look for where you want to go. This helps you find your way.

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DON'T: Without a map or vision of where you are and what you long for you won’t be able to chart your progress and know when you’re desires are being met. This vision will serve as a north start moment by moment. 

LESSON ONE: Vision Foundations 

OUTCOM: In this lesson, you will describe what you are contributing to what you don’t want in your marriage. 

WHY THIS MATTERS: By nature, it is easiest to see what your spouse contributes to what you don’t want, but you cannot create growth in them. You have the power to grow you, and that starts by seeing what needs to be changed.

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DON'T: If you don’t get familiar with your survival system and the threat it is to you creating the marriage you long for, it will be blocking you from what you want without you even realizing it.

LESSON TWO: Survival System

OUTCOME: In this lesson, you will create your future-based vision of the character trait you most want to grow in yourself to reach the marriage you long for.

WHY THIS MATTERS: When things aren’t going how you want them to, you need a quick reminder of who you are committed to be. The best quick reminder is a future-based vision is.

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DON'TWithout a future-based vision, we as humans recreate our past.

Future-based vision

OUTCOME: In this lesson, you will gain deeper awareness and the ability to identity your contributions to what you don’t want in your marriage. 

WHY THIS MATTERS: You can’t transform what you can’t see. Once you see what you are contributing, you have done eighty percent of the work needed to shift your contributions.

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DON'T: If you aren’t on your backyard, you won’t know what you want to request, what boundaries you need to set, and how to hold them.

When you join, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to….

LESSON FOUR: Your Backyard

PLUS monthly LIVE coaching calls with me and access to our private MGC Facebook community - as well as regular drop-ins from me to share guidance and answer questions

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"Our arguments are improving into discussions, which have structure and were starting to see things as a team, and not as much as adversaries"


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 feel seen, secure, and hopeful in your marriage by mastering proven techniques to resolve recurring conflict and rediscover connection and unity in the next 12 months.