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The tools you need to grow communication that YOU LONG FOR WITH YOUR SPOUSE

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For individuals & Couples

For Individuals & Couples

The Bundle

Get it all: The Connection Playbook, Developing Deeper Connection, & Marriage Thrive

Watch these 5 easy to apply 5-minute lessons and resolve 90% of your conflicts with your partner

Experience the connection you long for with your partner with these 5 self paced 30-minute lessons

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For couples

Create your desired marriage with these 24 multi-layered 30-minute lessons

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It’s a GAME CHANGER and this is a MUST-HAVE playbook for every couple who wants to work through 90% of their disagreements! 

The Connection Playbook

A spouse’s guide to quickly resolve conflicts in 4 easy steps

- 5 video lessons (35 minutes of content)
- Live demo with a couple applying it
- Application exercises for each lesson
- Repeatable Playbook to guide you

Here’s What's Inside The Connection Playbook:

What would it feel like if, when a conflict unexpectedly arises with your spouse, you knew exactly how to turn it into a deeply connecting conversation? 

If you knew what you are currently saying or doing that is causing 90% of your fights with your partner and exactly what to do during a fight to turn it into a deeply connected conversation.

Imagine what it would feel like….

I can tell you….it changes everything!!!

After going through The Connection Playbook, you will be able to:
-Know how to turn 90% of conflicts into connection 
-Go from feeling disconnected to united in minutes
-Create conversations where both of you feel seen & heard
-Turn current frustrations into connection
-Feel confident that you can work through fights quickly

Don’t wait; get the Playbook you need to turn conflicts into connection.

The Developing Deeper Connection course will not only create connection in your marriage; you will understand yourself more deeply, be able to create lasting change and lead life-giving conversations where you and your spouse feel seen and heard.

Developing Deeper Connection

A spouse’s guide to creating the connection they long for

-5 self-paced video lessons (115 minutes of content)
-A live demo of a lesson (30 minutes)
-Application exercises for each lesson
-FB Community for support

What's Inside Developing Deeper Connection:

Do you feel lonely or disconnected in your marriage? 

leave you feeling like you're walking on eggshells, misunderstood, & unsure what to say or do? 

What would your conversations with your spouse feel like if disconnection didn’t…


After going through Developing Deeper Connection, you will be able to:
-Take personal responsibility for the marriage you long for
-Understand & communicate what you are feeling & thinking
-Be able to create lasting new growth in yourself
-Discover and shift your contributions 
-Grow & learn through each interaction

Ready to create the connection you long for one conversation at time? Get Developing Deeper Connection

What would it feel like if, you and your spouse knew how to have meaningful conversations that open up new possibilities, make decisions you both feel aligned with, and consistently laugh & play together?

Marriage Thrive

A couples guide to transform their communication & create the marriage they long for

-24 self paced video lessons (750 minutes of content)
-Going Deeper exercises for each lesson
-Proven road map to a thriving marriage
-Chat & Playtime Prompts & Ideas for each lesson
-Quick & Easy diagrams for mobile access 
-FB Community for support

Here’s What's Inside Marriage Thrive:

IT CHANGES EVERYTHING and that…and so much more is what is possible with Marriage Thrive.

If you knew you were becoming the spouse you want to be, growing a thriving marriage your children look up to, healing your past so you can enjoy the present, confident that your partnership is solid, and that you two can work through anything together? 

Imagine what it would feel like….

I can tell you….its TRANSFORMATIVE!!!

After going through Marriage Thrive, you will be able to:
-Leave conversations feeling confident in new results
-Look forward to conversations with each other, even the difficult ones
-Clearly articulate what you want & need to say with respect
-Enjoy growing deeper in love and connection with each conversation
-Make united decisions together that you both feel aligned with

It’s time; get Marriage Thrive and create the marriage you are longing for

Do you want it all? Purchase The Bundle and save $398.

Each course will build on the next. When you purchase The Bundle, you will have everything you need to resolve conflicts, develop deeper connection with yourself & your spouse, and create open & honest communication in your marriage. 

What's included...
  • The Connection Playbook
  • Developing Deeper Connection
  • Marriage Thrive

What People Are Saying:

“We can talk through a difficult conversation and come out better for it. Ugh. That is everything 😭🙏🏻”
- Kristen

"Prior having these tools, the fantasy of things not working out was lurking deep in the recesses of my mind and came out to play when things became difficult several times a year. Now that mentality potential is quite literally gone!"
- Aaron

The Bundle

online Bundle

“Honestly, working with Julia changed my life, my marriage & every relationship I have.”


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