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Do you struggle with knowing how to resolve conflict? This Playbook will walk you step-by-step through a simple play you can use over and over to resolve any conflict.

If you are tired of conflicts turning into disconnection with your partner then, this playbook is for you.

In this playbook you will:
  • Learn how you and your spouse miss each other when communicating
  • Increase your understanding of how your brain operates
  • Learn how your core beliefs affect your interactions
  • Discover your core beliefs and rewrite them
  • Start seeing the best in you and your spouse
  • Experience deeper connection through conflict as you approach tension in new ways by using the step-by-step process laid out

  • 30 page downloadable PDF
  • Study at your own pace
  • Follow a proven roadmap

What People Are Saying:

“Before we wouldn’t have been able to get past an argument and it would ruin the week. Now, we are able to move past it within an hour...”
-Steve & Whitney

"We now know exactly what questions to ask to get unstuck in conversations!”
-John & Kaylee

Conflict to Connection


Do you feel lonely or disconnected in your marriage? Deeper connection with your spouse starts with deeper connection with yourself.

Description: This course will help you consistently take responsibility for yourself so you can connect with the ones you love, especially your spouse.

In this course you will...
  • Learn how to shift from feeling misunderstood to being understood
  • Gain clarity on what you are thinking & feeling so you can communicate it
  • Work through past offenses so they don't keep coming up
  • Develop inner peace and confidence to stand for what you want

  • 5 Learning modules
  • 5 30-minute video lessons
  • Application exercises for each module 
  • Study at your own pace
  • Facebook Group for support

What People Are Saying:

“I had no idea I had hidden limiting beliefs that were creating a lot of suffering in my life and my marriage...”
- Laura

"I am gaining more confidence in myself. More than I have ever had!"
- Tom

Developing Deeper Connection

online course

Do you struggle to have meaningful conversations with your spouse where you both feel seen and heard?

Description: This course will help you and your spouse transform your communication so you can move from surviving your marriage to thriving.

In this course you will guide to:
  • Shift from not knowing how to have conversations to having honest and open ones that create connection
  • Turn loneliness into connection through guided play & chat times
  • Move from not knowing what to say when tension rises, to knowing how to say what you want & need
  • Get through conflicts in minutes instead of it taking hours, days or weeks
  • Turn your offenses and hurt into understanding and connection
  • Make united decisions together you both feel aligned with
  • Look forward to conversations no matter how difficult the topic

If you can relate to the above or are longing for something more from your marriage, then Marriage Thrive is for you!

  • 3-Part Communication Renovation System
  • 24 30-minute video lessons 
  • 24 Going Deeper exercises
  • Couples connection prompts & ideas per lesson 
  • Access to a private Facebook community for support
  • Go at your own pace

What People Are Saying:

"Marriage Thrive has helped us work through fights we’ve literally had for a DECADE in a matter of minutes."
- Aaron & Jen

"We went from dreading difficult conversations to *looking forward to* them!”
- Brandon & Chrissy

Marriage Thrive

online couple's course

“Honestly, working with Julia changed my life, my marriage & every relationship I have.”


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