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Are you ready to transform the communication in your relationship — to go from repeating and avoiding difficult conversations to breaking through them together and truly connecting along the way?

Communication issues don't just get better on their own. In fact, they ONLY get better when two people truly understand how to listen, develop the leader within themselves, and learn how to see & understand each other in every conversation. But these are tools most people have never been taught... up until now. 

Do you want to experience the relationship you long for, truly understand each other & stop experiencing the same conflicts and recurring conversations? Well, I know how to make that happen.

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

  • You're having the same arguments over and over again — the topics you're beginning to ignore just so you can get through life together.

do any of these sound like you?

  • You love each other, you're working on your marriage, but you wish you had help working through those big conflicts and disconnects that you can't seem to address on your own.

  • When tensions rise, it's either avoidance or combat — you don't like how you show up in those moments, and know you want more for you & your partner.

  • It feels like communication is just *hard* lately — you want to be able to work through difficult things in a healthy way instead of ending up in the same destructive patterns. 
  • "You’re not doing it right." (Housework, raising the kids, meeting emotional or sexual needs, any number of things.)

  • "You're always working. I'm not even a priority for you!" (Feeling ignored, unimportant, and unprioritized.)

  • "You don’t even listen to me. Do you even care what I think about this?"

  • "You're spending all of our money — do you even care about our goals?"

  • "Why are you so angry all the time? I can't talk with you about anything without it turning into a giant fight!


Sure, the conversations are different for all of us — yours may not be on this list! — but I can tell you as a veteran marriage coach, the themes are there, and they're universal  — tension, conflict, blame, defensiveness, isolation, loneliness, hurt, and anger.

I hear about the same arguments and frustrations and over again... from couples who are fighting through these feelings, and the couples who simply aren't HAVING these conversations at all, worried that arguing is a bad sign and to be avoided at all cost.

In my experience coaching thousands of couples, I’ve learned that most men and women in this era had absolutely no model for how to have difficult conversations and emerge better connected and feeling more secure than they were before.

Instead, they're  either trained to defend themselves at all cost — to build a case, and fight it out, no matter what... OR to suck it up, overlook the offenses, be the bigger person, and be silent in order to protect the peace. (The kind of peace that doesn't feel very peaceful.)  

The truth is... most of us were never taught how to navigate difficult conversations.
We grew up in homes where our parents fought in their bedroom, didn't fight well, or didn't fight at all (just divorced, years later).

and here's why:

And hey, maybe you’re not fighting… Maybe you're even proud of that! (The amount of couples I've had proudly tell me they're not fighting, and I realize it's because they're not really talking!) 

But whether you're going into combat or delaying it for another day, you’re building a reservoir of bitterness and resentment that can — that will! — sever your relationship if it’s not addressed and worked through. 

So here's what happens: The difficult conversations don't go away; they build up. You find yourselves walking on eggshells because there are "landmines" everywhere... the remnants of past conversations that were never truly brought to the light, worked through, and healed. 

Oh, friend. I'm Julia, longtime marriage coach and founder of Beautiful Outcome, here to tell you that no matter how it feels right now, your relationship *isn't* broken and wrong. And it can even be so much better than "Well, we don't really fight."

You can have the fun, passionate, & supportive marriage you long for. 
You just need better tools, and practice applying them.


I know it's possible for you because we've been there (and back).

For years, my husband & I felt disconnected. We were defensive and critical, blaming each other in difficult conversations. We felt lonely because we didn't know how to have meaningful conversations.

HE OFTEN FELT LIKE                
• I was trying to fix him                  
• He would never make me happy  
• He was manipulated & controlled
• His sexual needs were unmet                    

 • I was carrying all the weight
 • I got the leftovers
 • I was under-appreciated & unloved
 • My emotional needs were unmet

i can help because i've been there

But we've learned the tools to transform our conversations... to break through the walls we'd built over time and find deeper and deeper levels of  connection, passion, intimacy, and joy.

In my marriage coaching, I've taught thousands of couples the same tools. (And learned that they WORK)

And now, in a first-ever event of its kind, I want to teach them to you:



For three days, in training sessions, communication labs, small groups, and fun, connection-creating activities at beautiful Big Spring Farm in Lexington,  Virginia, we'll work to unpack those  difficult conversations together, learn the tools, AND create the communication habits you can rely on to help you do the same thing over and over again when you return home.


It all starts with learning the tools to embrace the tension and control your reactions & responses.


Then that head knowledge gets moved into practical application as you practice applying the tools.

Communication Labs

Now, you & your partner get to combine nature, fun activities & breaking through a conversation.

Couple Connections

From there, you get the next layer of support from a few like-minded couples in it with you 

Small Groups

And don't forget the romance!  Together you can enjoy things like a meal prepared by a Michelin Star Chef


 Marriage conferences are sit in a chair and listen to a speaker that sounds like they have figured out the whole marriage thing. You get overloaded with information that seems easy enough. You go home and try to apply it, but you get stuck. You give up and once again think, “Well, that didn’t work. Something must be wrong with us.” 

This is not your normal marriage conference, retreat, or workshop.


important note.

At the Breakthrough weekend, we're not doing lectures from a stage — this is a practical, tactical time we'll be spending together learning, yes, but then immediately applying what we've learned, so you can develop and build the muscles you'll need to use over and over again in your relationship... all with the help and support of me, my team, and likeminded couples with the same goals you have.

"I have a better understanding of how to talk to my husband. To speak to his language. Before we were speaking 2 different languages and not getting through. Now we are listening to hear."

Joey & Lanh

transformed their Listening

Your Conversations *Can* Shift

"Before I knew something wasn't working in our communication but I couldn't see a clear path forward, now I feel more equipped and confident entering the tension because I experienced the connection we can create in it."

Jake & Heather

grew Better connection

Replacing loneliness & misunderstanding with seeing & understanding

How does this sound?

Having conversations that actually produce results & lasting changes




Being teammates working side-by-side through the challenges of life


Resolving conflict so past offenses don't keep coming up in new conversations


Laughing & enjoying each other as you fall deeper & deeper in love


"Working with Julia has made SUCH A DIFFERENCE! Seriously, I just cannot believe the difference in each of us! We are truly more in love than we have ever been. On a level we never got to before!"

Ben and Sauah

are transforming their communication

"Julia has helped us learn to work through fights we've literally had for a DECADE in a matter of minutes."

Aaron and Jen

are transforming their communication

"We are able to recognize patterns more easily, apologize and restart or try again when we see we’re heading down an unwanted path."

Steve and Whitney

are transforming their communication

real results

“We were on the fast track to emotional divorce and working with Julia saved our marriage."


Buddy and Jill



What's included: 

Fri. April 19th 2024 6:00 pm
Sat. April 20th 10am - 9:30 pm
Sun. April 21st 10am - 4:30 pm 

Big Spring Farm, Lexington, VA

Training, Meals, & Dating Activities

The Details

Where to stay:

Local Hotels & Airbnb's (recommendations provided at sign up)

Payment Plan


One Payment


Best Value!

$1799 Per Couple

 $269 (7 payments) Per Couple

this is the best investment you  can make in yourselves, Your relationship and your family

2024 Registration Open

But I have a secret for you.


When you learn to embrace the tension you're experiencing and see it as an invitation to grow — to become the next best version of yourself (and the person your partner needs in that moment), that's when your opportunity begins.

That's when you begin to transform your relationship with communication, with tension, with difficult conversations, and most importantly, with each other. 

That's what we'll begin this weekend. 

Remember how it felt when you first fell in love? Everything felt easy. You connected, talked for hours, felt loved and understood. Then, when careers and busy-ness of life takes over... it gets harder to connect, conversations get pushed aside, tensions grow, and suddenly, you can feel like (slightly hostile) strangers.

You won't need to worry about a thing while you are here. We'll take care of the food, fun, and the support you need. All you have to do is work on developing new conversations while having fun and experiencing new things together. 

The greatest gift we can give your relationship is the two of you going back home refreshed, feeling deeply connected and empowered through having transformed your conversation together. doesn't stop there!! You will have what you need to transform the next conversation that invites you into deeper love.

At the Breakthrough Couples Retreat you'll find a relaxed and fun environment so that you both can grow, connect, & have new, transforming conversations. 

Payment Plan


One Payment


Best Value!

$1799 Per Couple

$269 (7 Payments) Per Couple

this is the best investment you  can make in yourselves, Your relationship and your family

2024 Registration Open


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