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My superpower is helping couples learn to see & understand each other even in difficult conversations .... so they can spend their precious time laughing & enjoying life together.  


This is where I share tools for your marriage and ways to apply them so that you can have the fun, connected, & supportive marriage you long for.

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Ready to turn Defensiveness into Connection?

Defensiveness can show up in many different ways ... blaming, criticizing, blowing up (etc.)! That is why I created this E-Book to help you turn defensiveness into connection in your relationship!

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Being in a marriage where one (or both!) spouses have low self-esteem really impacts the marriage negatively. ‌Fifteen years into our marriage, me and my husband were struggling. ‌He wasn’t pursuing me. He was depressed. He was dealing with addiction. ‌I was sure he was the problem. ‌What I couldn’t see was the problem of […]

Dealing With a Spouse With Low Self-Esteem

Marriage Growth

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avoid fighting with spouse

After thousands of hours of coaching couples, I know that arguments can get very heated with your spouse and many can explode on their spouse in the middle of a fight. Do you ever feel like you’re about to erupt and all you want is to exit the argument and be done with it? Sometimes […]

How to Avoid Exploding on Your Spouse in the Middle of a Fight


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